Thank you for purchasing a MAISON PROMAX product. This product is the result of extensive research, resulting in the finest details synonymous with high quality luxury. In order to enjoy your product for many years, we recommend that you observe the following care instructions:

Slight imperfection in the leathers is entirely normal and should be considered as the unique characteristics of these natural materials not as defects. All types of leathers and other delicate materials (including metal parts) suffer from humidity and acidity. Humidity, salt and atmospheric agents in general can cause permanent and irreversible wear and tear. Therefore, please take care to avoid rain and direct contact with heat, oil, grease (cosmetic), alcohol (perfume, solvents) and other abrasive surfaces as MAISON PROMAX cannot assume responsibilities for the eventual deteriorations and mishandling of the product.

All materials are sourced for their exceptional quality and are tested extensively prior to sale. However, some materials, such as suede, patent leather and indigo denim, may transfer some of its color and fibers onto lighter materials due to its tanning and dyeing process. For this reason, we kindly suggest the item be used in accordance with this natural feature and avoid contact with any materials which may transfer their color pigments on to the product. Please kindly store your product in a cool dry place in the cotton dust bag provided when not in use. Should you require specific care guidance for your product, please do not hesitate to contact our product specialist in your nearest MAISON PROMAX store.


2.1 Coated Canvas
Unique and unparalleled, the Coated Canvas is the result of a meticulous controlled process, executed with great attention. Flexible and resistant, it adopts perfectly to contemporary lifestyles. We advise you to avoid contact with abrasive objects in order to protect your bag from scratches and grease that could cause permanent and irreversible wear and tear. In case your MAISON PROMAX item gets wet, remove any excess moisture without rubbing, dab with a soft cloth and let dry at room temperature.

2.2 Linen Canvas
This iconic fabric undergoes very minimal finishing without artificial protection which preserves its authentic appearance. It is thus sensitive to stains and should be handled with care. Due to treatment processes, some of printed Linen Canvas may cause slight color transfer through friction especially in humid environment. Please keep this in mind, particularly if your Linen Canvas is printed, and wearing light colors.
Water itself does not stain fabrics; the mineral ingredients in the water are what cause the stains. To remove dried water stains, you can try one of the following methods:

• Moisten the stained area with a damp washcloth. Adjust the iron to the heat setting for the fabric type. Iron the dampened area until dry. Move the product so that the stained portion lays atop the dry portion of the towel, and continue ironing. Remoisten and iron the stained area until it disappears. DO NOT iron if your product is printed.
• Moisten the stained area with a damp washcloth. Use several layers of paper towel and set them atop the stain. Use a hair dryer set to cool air to help dry out the stain.
• A handheld steam machine provides a quick solution for water-spot removal. If you do not have a garment steamer, use the steam setting on your iron. Blast the water stain with a burst of steam to remove the sport, and let it dry.

2.3 Woven Materials
Woven materials regardless of what is it made of (leather, fabric or other materials) are particularly delicate. We advise you to avoid contact with abrasive objects and/or surfaces in order to protect your bag from any irreversible wear and tear. MAISON PROMAX cannot assume responsibilities for the eventual deteriorations and mishandling of the product.


MAISON PROMAX offers free repair service for MAISON PROMAX products purchase within one (1) year of the original purchase date from MAISON PROMAX stores, MAISON PROMAX.COM, or any other MAISON PROMAX-authorized retailers. MAISON PROMAX reserves the right to return the product to you without servicing it should the defect or damage is beyond repairable or due to the failure of components that are not original to the product or caused by abuse, misuse or any external cause. Should the repairs require parts that are no longer available, MAISON PROMAX reserve the rights to use parts or products that are new or equivalent to new in reliability and performance.

For product repairs, please bring your purchase along with the limited product warranty card to your nearest MAISON PROMAX store or call our Customer Service Center at +886-2-27953999. Our sales assistants will be glad to welcome and assist you. Please allow 2-4 weeks for a repair assessment. Detailed repair information and repair charge estimate (should the warranty expires) will be sent to you once the assessment has been completed. Should you require product repair services, please do not hesitate to contact us.